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Hello, fellow Sugars! I am a safety officer at my paying job (yup, I keep people safe and alive for pay), and I am a wife and mother. I have noticed that many of us are interested in the safety of our families, friends and ourselves. This seems to be the driving force behind many of the recall posts I have seen on this site, and on the web in general. BUT, nobody created a group as a central hub for all of these recalls. One of my strongest desires is to share "The Safety Love". So, I am sending out a request for all Sugars out there who are interested in keeping themselves and others safe.... Please send recall posts to the group. So, do have a food recall? A child/baby products recall? A cosmetic or drug recall? How about pet supplies? Automotive or tools? Any recalls, please send 'em here. Let's try to build our community by keeping each other safe!

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